Veteran football administrator and Chairman of the Ghana League Clubs Association (GHALCA), Kudjoe Fianoo has blamed the Sports Ministry and the National Sports Authority for the state’s reluctance in providing a stimulus package for sports especially football.

Kudjoe Fianoo – GHALCA boss

Sports, for that matter football has been one of the hardest hit sectors since the emergence of the novel coronavirus. Key stakeholders of the sport (football) jumped to the government in this unprecedented times for aid to alleviate them from the financial distress.

However, it appears their plea did not go as planned with the state nor capturing football nor sports in general in the stimulus package for Small and Medium scale Enterprises (SMEs) as was revealed by Deputy Sports Minister, Perry Okudzeto and buttressed by the board chairman of the NSA, Kwadwo Baah Agyemang.

Reacting to the situation, GHALCA boss Kudjoe Fianoo took a swipe at the above-mentioned government agencies for failing to help the sports industry secure a stimulus package from the state.

“I’ve heard from the deputy minister for youth and sports and the board chairman for the NSA confirming sports was not considered in government’s stimulus package,” the former Ashgold CEO told Kumasi FM.

He continued: “It’s painful hearing it from these people because they are the leaders of our sports. They have to be blamed if government did not consider our proposal because our request was made through them, they failed in their duties,”

He stressed if the state fails to come to the aid of football clubs, the nation will be the biggest loser.

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“We are all here, we will see party apparatchiks who turn into cheer leaders who will rush to join the team [Black Stars] when they qualify for a tournament,”

“If government is not ready to help us, it is the nation that loses. This is an eye opener to the clubs, in our rush for football to resume, people want to take us for granted. We have not asked government to put money in the pocket of club owners,”

“We claim football is the passion of the nation, these club owners are suffering due to COVID-19 and government is not ready to help them?,” he queried.

“If these people decide not to invest in football again, they will not be arrested,”

“We are all here, we will see what will happen to the ‘passion of the nation’. Something must be done to save football. We will need to reassemble and decide the next step,” he concluded.

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