Former Ghana Premier League star Joe Tagoe better known as Bobby Short has bragged Emmanuel Tagoe will floor former IBF Lightweight champion Richard Oblitey Commey.

Emmanuel Game Boy Tagoe

Richard Commey, 33, joined an exclusive list of Ghanaian boxers to have won a world title in the sport known as the Noble act of self defense when he defeated Russian Issa Chaniev to win the IBF Lightweight championship belt.

After winning the laurel, there were talks of Commey locking horns against Emmanuel ‘Game Boy’ Tagoe but the said bout never sufficed despite Tagoe’s eagerness to enter the ring with Commey.

Sharing his thoughts on the Tagoe vs Commey talks, Joe Tagoe, who himself was a former boxer before venturing into football believes Commey will not be a match for his brother – Emmanuel Tagoe.

Joe Tagoe Bobby Short

“In his weight, no one can fight him. It’s not because he’s my brother. I know what am telling you. Yes, Richard Commey can’t fight Game Boy,”

“Everyone has his dream on this earth. One can be a boxer now but his dream is to play football. God always favours strugglers,” he posited.

The pint-size ex-Great Olympics player divulged he had challenges with academics but was urged to take football serious by his teacher.

“Sometimes what you hear in Bukom can discourage you from achieving your dream. They will see your height or demeanor and will be saying all sought of words that would discourage you.

“I had challenges with learning in school. At school, the teacher who was always beating me for not being clever in class advised me to choose football over books since I was always good with the school team. He realized he has to stopped beating me since football was my talent.”

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Bobby Short recounted his ordeal in one of his boxing bouts which eventually forced him into retirement.

“I’ve been into boxing before. We traveled to Benin. I didn’t know we were going to box in the ring. I was beaten mercilessly. Boxing is a risky game. Since then, I opted to quit boxing”

“Apart from Game Boy, I don’t watch any bout from the the ringside. I support Game Boy down to heart. Whenever you see him fighting, you can see it’s his talent,”

“As a senior brother, I’m happy with the level he’s got to. He hasn’t fought much in Europe but looking at what he’s achieved in life, that is, his house, his living, you could see he has gained much in life,”

“No boxer can fight Game Boy in Ghana at the moment. I’ll not take anything away from Richard Commey. He can’t fight Game Boy” he insisted.

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