Eminent ring announcer, Master of Ceremonies and sports journalist, Mohammed Amin Lamptey has quizzed the Ghana Football Association on what he deems as ‘propaganda’.

The president of the Ghana FA, Kurt Okraku shared an infographic on social media on the strength of the football industry – which per the post employs over 70,000 players.

The said post, has caused reverberations among the football caucus sparking instantaneous reflection on the role football plays in Ghana’s economy. However, some have also raised concerns about the authenticity of the figures given by the FA boss.

Reacting to the post, known critic of the football association, Mohammed Amin Lamptey wrote:


Why this propaganda, GFA?

“The Loop, just like many Ghanaians, was startled yesterday when I saw an artwok produced by the GFA being circulated on social media by leading figures of the GFA and their allies,”

“The GFA, through the artwork claimed the Ghana league or Ghana football employs a total of 70,672 players,”

“The GFA gave the breakdown as follows:
1. Premier League: 1019
2. Division One League: 2,353
3. 2nd & 3rd Division: 43,700
4. Women’s Premier: 600
5. Juvenile League: 23,000

“By the above figures the GFA claims the league employs, what the GFA is telling us is that every premier league club in Ghana has at least 56 players and division one club has 49 players on their payrolls,”

“Without any shred of doubt, this figure is an absolute conjecture and a blatant falsehood aimed at propaganda effect to mislead and misinform,”

“How can the GFA boldly tell Ghanaians that each premier league club employs at least 56 players?,”

“How can the GFA tell Ghanaians that each premier league club employs at least 49 players?,”

“And how can the GFA tell Ghanaians that 23,000 juvenile players are employed when the laws of this country, as well as FIFA and GFA laws frown on employing minors?,”

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“As I have said, these figures the FA put out yesterday, which leaders and allies of the FA leadership shared with glee on social media is a piece of propaganda which CANNOT be proven anywhere,”

“And as for those saying we should contact the IT Department of the GFA for verification of the propaganda figures, they should spare us some of this uncalculated propaganda,”

“Who doesn’t know that clubs register many players on the GFA system and don’t necessarily put these players on their payroll?,”

“Oh so now as far as the GFA is concerned, player employment is those uploaded in the GFA system whether they are on payroll or not.God save Ghanaian footballers!,”

“If the GFA indeed claims football employs over 70,000 players as they boldly claimed in the propaganda artwork, The Loop dares the GFA to publish their names on the GFA website. It is doable if it is true!,”

“Obviously, the main intent of that propaganda artwork was to get government to ease restrictions on football for the leagues to resume, and may be to also push for the FAs fantasy desire for a stimulus package,”

“In this regard, if the GFA again claims football employs over 70,000 footballers, the GFA should not be producing propaganda artworks. If they want to be taken serious, they should provide evidence of all the over 70,000 so-called footballers by showing government their SSNIT contributions by their respective clubs,”

“The loop is preparing a special countdown to the CAS July 17 verdict on GFA vrs Palmer case.The loop will bring to your reading pleasure all the twists and turns on the legal tussle,”

“I just wonder why the whole GFA could come out to challenged CAS on *JURISDICTION*.
Perhaps those who initiated the idea have not read the FA’s status,”

“Long Live Ghana Football,” he ended.

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