German-based Libyan chess player, Ali Elier has set a lofty target for himself as he plans to gazump both the Arab and Africa Junior Championships.

The promising chess star is currently studying in the European country. Although the novel coronavirus has hampered most of continental and international competitions, Ali is leaving no stone unturned.

“I play chess for at least two hours everyday since coronavirus. Sometimes alone on other occasions with my coach. I improve my chess skills and I’m very hardworking at my openings and my end games,” he told Kwame Kusi of Accra-based media outlet Ahotor FM.

He also revealed how he is taking advantage of the global pandemic to engage in series of online tournaments to sharpen his skill-set.

“Every night I play online tournaments such as ‘Carantin Bundesliga, Eben Championship or Arab tournaments’. Of course I’m trying to take advantage of the special coronavirus period. I’m trying to play as many online tournaments as I can,”

Ali Elier, who was urged into the sport by his colleague at elementary school underlined his ambitions for the year.

“My plans are to win the Arab Junior chess Championship in the United Arab Emirates and of course to win the Africa Junior chess Championship in Liberia and to hit the 2200 Elo mark this year,” he ended.

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