Managing Director of capital-based outfit Hearts of Oak Frederick Moore has implored the local media to channel their efforts at driving the various domestic products instead of focusing on the negatives.

The disparity and relative apathy towards the domestic league and other competitions has been largely attributed to a lack of innovation on the part of football administrators meanwhile the major stakeholders of the local game have also fingered the media for failing to drive their products.

Further information suggests there is an hyper-concentration on the negatives, which seems to travel faster and sells better than the positives. But Frederick Moore contends that placing priority on the negatives does more harm than good to both the media and the wider football community.

“Journalists do have a role to play in promoting the game. If the game goes down, it affect the journalist too,” he told Connect 97.1 FM.

He continued: “When a journalist publishes a negative story, he will be hailed for a short period of time and it will dent the image of the game for long,”

“I don’t believe that negative story sells more because the EPL is flourishing with possitive stories by the press,” Mr. Moore argued.

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