The Government of Ghana is set to pay back a loan worth $45,000 to Ghanaian Boxing legend, D.K. Poison which stretches back to over four decades.

Ghana’s first-ever boxing world champion, D.K. Poison has been waiting for more than four decades for the re-payment of a loan he extended to the government of Ghana from his fight purse.

The loan was advanced purely on a gentleman’s agreement with officials of the then Military government of Ghana, back in Tokyo Japan where D.K. Poison had won his second title defence against Shigefumi Fukuyama.

At the time, there was economic difficulty in Ghana and the unavailability of foreign exchange further complicated issues.

According to the legend, he earned a purse of $75,000 from that bout and was paid an amount of 34,000 cedis, through a transfer at the then Barclays Bank, which was equivalent to $30,000 at the time. This meant that an outstanding amount of $45,000 was to be paid to him.

Meanwhile, the Sports Ministry’s Chief Director says there is no document that backs the legendary David Kotei’s claim of a loan to the state but has added that the money is being paid ”out of compassion”.

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