Ghanaian teen William Kumadu joins Danish Side FC Nordsjaelland

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Ghanaian Youngster William Kumadu has Completed his Move to Danish Superliga Side FC Nordsjaelland in the winter transfer window, can exclusively report.

Kumadu joins the Wild Tigers from their Ghanaian Feeder Club Right to Dream academy.

The Young Right-Back Move to the Club together with Ivorian born Central Defensive Midfielder, Lasso Coulibaly.

Both Player will begin their European journey from FC Nordsjaelland U-19 team before they get Promotion to the First team of the Club.

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Through a statement on their official website,The Right to Dream talents, Willy Kumado and Lasso Coulibaly, have arrived in Denmark after a short wait and become part of our U19 team. Kumado typically plays at right-back, while Coulibaly houses at midfield. Both can be seen in action on Saturday, when our U19 boys play a training match against Vanløse.

Both Willy Kumado and Lasso Coulibaly have been part of Right to Dream for many years, from which they recently graduated. Both look back on a long journey, which now translates into the possibility of committing in Denmark.

“Since I was a little boy, I have had the dream of playing football. Where I come from, you have to be part of an academy to achieve something in football”, says the young Ghanaian and continues:

“So I worked hard to become part of Right to Dream. At the academy in Ghana I got even more opportunities, but I knew that if I came to FC Nordsjælland, it would be an even bigger opportunity for me.

“At Right to Dream I worked really hard, and did my things right, and therefore it became possible for me to come here”, says Kumado, which Coulibaly can relate to:

“It had been a long journey. I have had good and bad moments. When I came to Right to Dream, I did not know that many, so it was not easy. It made me have some challenges.

“But when you know what you are there for and what you want to achieve – and I knew that – then there are no excuses. I had to push my chest forward and get to know the others, and that helped me get over my challenges.

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“But my time at Right to Dream was really good and I learned a whole lot about myself as a person. They have made me who I am today and I am very grateful for that. So I would like to take this opportunity to thank Right to Dream. Their vision is incredibly influential and it will only get better in the future.

“I have worked really hard for where I am today, so I am proud of myself and I do not regret anything.

It has been clear to the boys for some time that they should move to FC Nordsjælland and Denmark, so it is a nice feeling for them to finally be here.

“It’s great to be here. I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time, so it means a lot. I have known all the players here for a long time because of the international academy, so it is great to finally be with them again,” says Willy.

“It’s a good feeling. I have been here many times of course, but it is nice to finally be here to stay. I know a lot of the people here, so it’s nothing new to me, and I’m already used to the environment and the people here in the club”, Lasso explains.

Kumado is primarily housed on the pitch, but over time at Right to Dream he has played several different positions on the field.

“When I started at Right to Dream, I played in midfield. But because of my abilities, I was put back in central defense. After a few years there, I have now been moved out on the hill.

“One of my qualities is my speed, but I’m not that fast either. You can probably say that I am rap-footed, because I do not feel that I am really fast. In my head, people like Atanga and Adama Traore are fast, but I’m not that fast anyway”, Kumado laughs and continues:

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“Besides that, my posts and my 1-on-1 situations are also some of my qualities”, says the Ghanaian.

Coulibaly plays in the central midfield, where he can cover large parts of the pitch with his speed. In addition to this, he also describes himself as a very flexible player.

“I would say that I am a flexible player. I am quickly getting used to new game patterns and changes in the game, so I hope to be able to add this to the team.

Looking to the future, both boys have big goals for what it should bring.

“I have many dreams. One of them is to be a role model for my area at home in Ghana. In relation to football, I want to reach the highest level possible and make people more aware of Right to Dream around the world. I want people to be aware of the good work that is being done at the academy. It opens up a lot of opportunities for young boys and girls, and I want people to be aware of that”, Kumado concluded.

– My dreams are big. My goal, of course, was to get here and be a part of the team, but that does not mean I am happy now. There will always be more to achieve. In my upbringing, I had many role models, so I hope that one day I can be a role model for young aspiring players, Coulibaly concludes.

Our two new additions, as well as the rest of the U19 team, are back in action on Saturday, when Vanløse IF visits Right to Dream Park. The first whistle is at 14.00 and you can, as with all home matches, watch the match on our YouTube channel.

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